Monday, June 15, 2009

FDA Regulating Tobacco Industry Now= Us Getting Screwed Over

has anyone heard about what the FDA wants to do to the tobacco industry now that they HAVE THE RIGHT to regulate it? NO more flavored cigarettes, Flavored cigars (this means blunts & blunt wraps,) no more colored packaging, no more late night stops at the gas station (cause they won't be able to carry them BY LAW!), you will have to scan you ID card into a system every time you buy a tobacco product Your information will be sent to the FDA who will share this information with your health & life insurance companies which will directly affect your premium. Cigarette store will have blacked out windows like porn stores, no more LIGHT/ FULL Flavor/ MEDUIM/ ULTRA LIGHT ciggs. No more smokers rights period!

I feel smoking is a right. If the person is of the smoking age, it is their right to smoke. Its bad enough they limit where people can smoke, but now to take away the basic right of which kind of cigarettes we can buy? AND they share that info with the insurance companies!! That is BS! Sounds like the ... Read Moregovernment is in bed with the insurance companies. While many of us knew that all along, it now seems they are openly airing that information. There has to be some kind of petition or something going on that we can show our displeasure with what is going on. This is wrong.

If anyone knows of any petition going around, or anything like the sort, where we can have our voices heard please please let me know.
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