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Food for Thought: You Are What You Eat

In another email subscription I received an interesting thought. Its one of those things we know subconsciously, but sometimes forget in daily life.

Long story short, Peggy McColl had spoken with Dr. Vartabedian. Very interesting. Hope you find it interesting too. I like Dr. Vartabedians kids chart- I think I am going to get that for my house. I know its for kids, but I can use it too ;) I'll paste his web page at the bottom of this.

Dr. Vartabedian said that we need to realize that nutrition is one of the MOST important, if not THE most important factor that affects our health, how we feel, and our longevity.

"Think of it, Peggy, while exercise moves the body, food not only fuels the body but actually makes the body."

Hmm, good point!

He went on, "We've all heard that we need to eat good food for high energy fuel - just as our cars need good gasoline. But a living organism is quite different from a car. Our food literally makes and remakes our bodies as we grow, metabolize, tear down, and ultimately rebuild our bodies on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cycle. After several year's time, you will have replaced virtually every cell (or components which make up the cells) in your entire body! And what are those made up of? Everything you eat. So the adage is true: 'You are what you eat!' "


"So if you improve your diet, you can literally improve your physical makeup - and therefore improve your health, how you feel, and increase longevity."

The Search for the Best Foods for the Human Body

"How did you first get into this field?" I asked.

Dr. Vartabedian explained, "When I was growing up, my grandmother Louise was a health nut. She read Prevention magazine, talked about foods that were poisons, such as sugar, and touted miracle foods, such as brewer's yeast and blackstrap molasses (which she added to her cereal every morning!). Everyone in our family thought she was a fanatic - except me, because Grandma Louise was the most positive, energetic person I knew, and I wanted to be just like her! Grandma loved life so much that she wanted to live forever (or at least to be 100!).

So I would constantly ask Grandma about different foods and whether they were good for you or bad for you. She would then explain to me the virtues and pitfalls of all the foods I asked about. I was so relentless with my questions that one day, frustrated, she gave up and said, 'Roy, if it's food, it's good - don't worry about it, just eat it!'

As I grew up, my interest in health and nutrition grew and eventually became my profession. The questions I had asked my grandmother were now being asked of me by my patients and clients. Life had come around full circle, and I could see that it was my destiny to help people answer this question once and for all: How do you figure out which foods are the best (and the worst) for peak performance and for preventing disease?

Creating the System to Identify the Best Foods

"I came up with a new twist on a concept called 'nutrient density.' Nutrient density is the critical analysis that determines the quality of any food. How does it work? Nutrient density is the amount of nutrition per calorie. The more nutrition in the fewer calories, the better a food really is.

Here are some examples: Orange juice has a lot of vitamin C, as well as some vitamin A, folic acid, thiamin, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. It has only 80 calories per serving. A McDonald's Big Mac has some B vitamins, vitamin A, and protein - and 700 calories. See the difference? It's the ratio of calories to nutrients that's particularly important. At the end of the day, you want to have packed as much nutrition into your calories as possible.

My twist is this: Not only does the Big Mac have less nutrition per calorie, it also has unhealthful things in it such as cholesterol, saturated fat, and total fat, which over time have negative effects on the body. For that reason, the ideal system should measure how much good AND bad are in each food per calorie. Nutrient density measures only the good. Over a 10 year period of refinements and working with specialists, we created the best overall food rating system.

The food analysis tracks 18 positive factors, or essentials, like protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and 8 negative factors, or excessives, like calories, cholesterol, and fat in any given food to yield one number that tells you how good or bad that food is. The higher that number, the better the food. Eat at least 100 of these Nutripoints from six food groups each day, and you will get all the nutrients you need while limiting the negatives automatically.

When I applied the analysis to a host of foods, there were some big surprises. Would you have guessed that a quarter of a cantaloupe scores 29 points, while an apple gets only 4.5? The simple explanation is that an apple is not packed with high nutrition; it's a good food, but the quarter of a cantaloupe has 50 times the vitamin A, 10 times the vitamin C, and more of virtually every other significant nutrient than the apple. Maybe the motto should be a cantaloupe a day!

Let's look at some other comparisons. Two cups of spinach rate 75 points, but an equal amount of iceberg lettuce scores only 18! Two slices of whole wheat bread outscore white bread by a 6 to 2.5 margin, and cooked broccoli chalks up 38.5 points compared to 8.5 in a baked potato.

Once you have been introduced to this concept, it becomes sort of a numbers game. The system even includes negative scores for those foods that contain more excessives than essentials - like that Big Mac, at -2.

Why is my system's twist on nutrient density so important? Because we will all eat a certain number of calories every day, and we need to pack in as much positive (the essentials) and the least negative (the excessives) per calorie as possible for optimal cell function and health.

Optimal function means peak performance. Peak performance of every cell means peak performance of your whole body. To operate at peak efficiency, your body needs the best nutrition at the cellular level. The best way to get this is through eating foods that are highly nutrient dense and have a low density of harmful components.

"So if you want to be successful in life and reach your goals, your body must be functioning at peak performance," I concluded.

"Exactly, you can only go so far in life without being in the best of health."

"So how does your point system work? Do you need to just eat all of the top rated foods?" I asked.

"The system is set up so the goal is to get at least 100 Nutripoints per day from six food groups, which provides all the nutritional requirements of the American Dietetic Association, American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association at the same time. So it's a no brainer for people who don't have the time or inclination to figure it all out. People pick the highest rated foods that they like, and develop their own healthy eating plan."

Dr. Vartabedian went on to explain that a study of several hundred clients from the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX showed the following average results using his Nutripoints program in a two week total wellness program:

Weight lost: 8 lbs. or 4% decrease
Cholesterol: 14% decrease
Chol/HDL Ratio: 16% decrease
Glucose: 10% decrease
Triglycerides: 40% decrease
Treadmill Time: 19% increase
Blood Pressure: 6% decrease

"So the same diet that fuels the body for peak performance also helps the body function optimally for disease prevention. The study participants' fitness levels increased, and their risk factors for chronic diseases decreased significantly," he explained.

I want to recommend Dr. Vartabedian's book and program to you today. He is offering his Nutripoints Packages at a special price to my email members. Go to his website to get more information on this amazing program that will give you more energy, help you lose body fat, have increased mental clarity, and reach peak physical performance. All of this through knowing what the score is and choosing the best foods to eat that you love the most.

Pot Friendly Netherlands to Close 8 Prisons: Not Enough Criminals!

For years prohibitionists, including our own Drug Enforcement Administration, have claimed — falsely — that the tolerant marijuana policies of the Netherlands have made that nation a nest of crime and drug abuse.

They may have trouble wrapping their little brains around this:

The Dutch government is getting ready to close eight prisons because they don’t have enough criminals to fill them. Officials attribute the shortage of prisoners to a declining crime rate.

Just for fun, let’s compare the Netherlands to California. With a population of 16.6 million, the Dutch prison population is about 12,000.
With its population of 36.7 million, California should have a bit more than double the Dutch prison population. California’s
actual prison population is 171,000.
So, whose drug policies are keeping the streets safer?

Why I Love Our New Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske

"According to Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske: "Whether it's the Drug Enforcement Agency or the Seattle Police Department, you use your resources to go after the most violent offenders."

"Medical marijuana doesn't pose that threat."

The full article is found here:

Want to Know Why Pot is Illegal? Ask Your Governor (Again)


Want To Know Why Pot Is Illegal? Ask Your Governor (Again)
I’d like to give you seven specific reasons why the use of cannabis by adults — including seriously ill patients — remains a crime in America. Ready? Here they are:

Governor Donald Carcieri (R-Rhode Island)
Governor James Douglas (R-Vermont)
Governor Linda Lingle (R-Hawaii)
Governor John Lynch (D-New Hampshire)
Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-Minnesota)
Governor Jodi Rell (R-Connecticut)
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-California)

Each of these Governors have single-handedly opted to kill marijuana law reform legislation in their states — either by the stroke of a pen (Carcieri, Lingle, Rell, Schwarzenegger) or by applying enough legislative pressure to abruptly halt ‘pro-pot’ proposals from ever reaching their desk.

Diet for a Happy Planet- Interview with Christopher Westra on Eating More Fruits

Read an interesting interview this morning. Wanted to share it. You can get free information on this subject and free recipes if you sign up by going to the link and entering your email:

Welcome to the Diet for a Happy Planet™.

You can Sign up to get notified of the new chapters. Right Over Here ———->>>

You’ll learn about the benefits of a fruit based diet for yourself, and for the planet. Here are some questions I get about a fruit based diet.

Question: What about the four food groups? You can’t live on just fruit.

Christopher: Why not? I know many people who live on fruits and green leaves. There used to be 11 food groups. At another time there were seven food groups. The four food group idea was started by people who wanted to sell you milk and meat.

Question: But we don’t have enough fruit in the world to feed everyone.

Christopher: You are right. We’d better get started planting more fruit trees!

Question: This would totally change our food production system. Wouldn’t this bring about massive changes in land use? It would require us to rethink our relationship to the land, and to each other.

Christopher: Isn’t it wonderful.

Question: Can we really make changes? The food industry is so powerful. They have the money.

Christopher: We are more powerful. We have the money. We make a difference every time we shop in the produce section rather than the processed food section.

Question: So I suppose you think that government needs to make new laws about this?

Christopher: No, we the people need to make changes. Real change comes from the bottom up, not from the top down. Join me today. Let’s restore ourselves to health and our planet at the same time. You’ll see that the same diet works for both situations.

Question: How do I learn more about this fruit-based diet?

Christopher: Just sign up for the newsletter over on the right. Then start reading the chapters (blog posts). Come visit soon for more.

Question: Where do you get all your great photos?

Christopher: I get them from my friend Sun Star at

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Money: An illusion, a shadow of something else

The following is a(R)evolutionScape Bulletin. I love these guys.
Here is their site:

Money: An illusion, a shadow of something else...

There is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches, and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will get rich with mathematical certainty. - Wallace D. Wattles.

The first step to having wealth is to know what it is. And few people know what it really is, in and of itself. What is wealth? What causes it? What causes the cause of it? Let us start with money, the world's symbol of wealth, and then move deeper.

Money is not real.

Money is merely legal tender, a form of exchange. We use it to exchange value. It represents value.

Money is the 'body' of value. It is the physical representation of value that rises and falls in ourselves, within us. Not within 'things' outside of us, but within us. For without us, what can the value of a thing, such as a car, be to us? Nothing, at least not to us. In other words, it is we, the observers, that place value in things, but this value is really value in us - we give value to the material things. The material things have no 'money' value in themselves - we give that to them. So, money is the external physical representation of a particular section of our internal value, within us, within you. That is why a house or a block of shares valued at $1 million today can fall to a valuation of half a million dollars tomorrow when fear is introduced into the hearts of those involved. The fear kills a portion of the internal values of the participants and that is reflected by the paper money, the 'body' of value.

Here is something else: physical paper money does not even represent money in full. It cannot reasonably do that. By some estimates (and this varies from nation to nation), only as little as 4% of the money in the banks exists as paper cash. Imagine how much cotton, linen, pulp, and metal the world would need so as to make all the money everyone has in his or her bank accounts. Imagine how much space it would take to store all this money in paper form. If you were to stack only one million US$1 bills, it would weight one ton and be 361 ft high. Neither does money exist as gold reserves any more. This is for exactly the same reason - we ran out of the reasonable ability to keep a gold standard in the 1970s.

So what does it exist as, the money that we are always talking about? Well, it is one massive illusion. It is all just numbers written on paper and computer storage devices, and assigned to people and entities such as companies and investments, or more accurately, further records! To put it in another way, for every $100 or its equivalent in any other currency, only about $4 exists as printed-paper notes or coins, while the remaining $96 exists as numbers written on papers and computers in banks and businesses and other entities. The only reason this system does not collapse is that we all believe in it. The last time people stopped believing in it in a large enough extent was just before the Great Depression when large numbers of people rushed to their banks to withdraw their money and found that they could not all get it. This is not what caused the Great Depression, but it in a large way accelerated it.

So, money is not real - something else is. Money is just the shadow of that other something. The first step to wealth is to know what money really is, or more accurately, what it represents. Learn not to look at the money most of the time. As you will soon see, it is very rare in a day that you should ever look at money as you know it today - the cash, the bank accounts, the costs, etc. This is merely the shadow and not the real thing. Looking at the shadow, the physical money, as you will soon see, is most of the time very unwise and unhealthy for you and your finances.

Look, instead, at the value within you and within people, and the flowing and exchanging of this value between people. Our internal value, is what creates money. Money is the shadow of our internal value. Develop this internal value in yourself and in others and your external money and wealth will correspondingly rise automatically, without fail.

Know this however: Money represents an aspect of a person's internal value, but that does not mean that it represents a person's entire internal value. That is very important. It is not about self-worth. Money only represents an aspect of that internal value that pertains to wealth. You cannot therefore say that a wealthy person has a higher self-worth and value than a poor person, but you can correctly say that in matters that relate and pertain to money, the wealthy person has a higher internal value in that aspect of value or that the person chooses to exercise a higher proportion of this internal value. This section of internal value that reflects on the outside as money, when exercised, is called Wealth Consciousness. It is available to all people equally and can be developed by and within all people equally. Like everything else that is important to our being alive, such as air, wealth consciousness is free to all. But you can choose to develop it or not develop it, or to exercise it or not. At any time, you can change your choice, and nothing outside of you can stop you.

You require nothing outside of yourself to increase your wealth consciousness, and therefore your money. All you need is within you right now. You may have forgotten it, but it is right there. You will now remember it. And the first step to that is to always remember that money is not real; it is the shadow of something else.

And here is another secret: Wealth consciousness is simply the expansion of your consciousness and awareness into the wealthy parts of your Self. That is why all that you need to increase your wealth consciousness is within you already. You are already wealthy, but you have been taught to choose to not experience your wealth. This insight changes everything. Like the wealthy people, you can now know how to and choose to start experiencing the wealthy you.

You have more wealth capability within you than you can possibly experience in a lifetime. You need not worry that you have reached your limit of becoming wealthy in any way or because of any condition. Neither do you need to know how to convert wealth consciousness into paper cash money - as you will see, it will happen automatically. All you need to do is expand your wealth consciousness and exercise it, act on it, be it, and the situations and opportunities for the equivalent conversion into cash money will present themselves automatically to you. None of the extremely wealthy people today could have, at the time when they were not wealthy, possibly predicted and planned the exact sequence of events that would lead to their immense wealth. They most probably had a set of goals and a plan, but any one of them will tell you that they met countless 'coincidences' and opportunities that 'joined the dots' for them in ways they could never have predicted. Their goals were their own doing, but the paths that led to them coming into being, and exceeding them, we amazingly intelligent yet unforeseen. You shall now see how to make them happen in your life - you may not be able to predict their sequence, but you can certainly make these 'fortunate coincidences' happen to you every day of your life.

By the way, it is not only paper money that is not real. A lot of the things around you that you hold so real are really not real at all either. You are about to embark on a beautiful, empowering and liberating journey that will show you exactly what your world is in a way that you have never looked at it before. It is a journey that will open your eyes and free your wings. You are about to look 'under the hood' of the Life, you are about to learn how to customize your world to your liking.

You are about to attain Wealth Consciousness. Once you do, avoiding success and wealth will become very difficult. Yes, you read that correctly. Once you have wealth consciousness, it will be very difficult for you to not have success and wealth. Success and wealth will follow you automatically wherever you go. You will not need to concern yourself with their quest, yet they will find you. You will be free to experience other aspects of life that you may not have even dreamt of before, dimensions of Self and Life that are truly amazing. The same goes with happiness, for you will see it here in this book as well.

Let us now get started on the real stuff, if you are still interested...

The Steps To Wealth and Happiness

You are now on a journey, at the end of which you shall know how to create all the wealth and happiness you ever wished for, Now, without any limits. You shall soon also know many timeless truths about who you really are, what you are doing here, and what this game of life is all about. Here are the steps of the journey you are now taking with this book:

1. You shall first take a simplified look at Quantum Physics, for knowing what you and the world are made of is the first key to knowing how to make it your way. After this, you will never look at the world in the same way again. You shall have an amazing sense of involvement and power in the universe...

2. Then the secrets of time shall be unveiled, beginning with the fact that time does not exist. You shall learn how to use this illusion instead of being used by it. There is only Now...

3. You now will learn how to create your universe out of the quantum field using images of your mind. This is the first part of the creation lessons.

4. You then learn how to create using your thoughts. You will learn the right way to think, and what the mind is really for, and when to shut it down for your own benefit...

5. You will then look at the power of true goal setting in the thousands, in a way you may never heard before, a most powerful way...

6. Next will come the most powerful creation tool of all, your state of Being...

7. The final creation tool, action, will then be uncovered in it's true position and purpose to you...

8. You shall then learn the magical and vital ingredient of certainty, and learn how to have it in plenty...

9. Now, it will be time to look at the prime Law of the Universe and how to use it to have happiness and wealth in abundance. The is the law of Cause and Effect...

10. While still in this law, we shall look at what conditions really are. This will shock you, make you laugh, empower you, and free you...

11. While still on conditions, you shall see how you are and shall realize ever-present success and never fail...

12. Then, you shall look at a prime killer of wealth and happiness and how to totally avoid it...

13. You will then move on to progressively larger things. You will start with your self-chosen Purpose here on earth. Why did you come here? You shall see...

14. Then the gift of giving and the gifts it brings in return will be fully given to you...

15. The power of gratitude Now shall be unveiled. This will prove to be extremely powerful for you...

16. Finally, it will be time to look at Consciousness, what makes you Here, Now, awake...

17. And then it shall get really interesting when you have a look at your Self, the First Cause of all that is in your world. Get familiar with your Self and your world will change dramatically...

18. After that, you shall see what is larger than the Self, that which you and all else are part of. It is the One. Knowing how you relate to All That Is, The Source, then experiencing this, will put you in a position of immense joy and abundance...

19. And on that note, you shall see how abundant you really are...

20. From there, you shall look at your real nature and how to reclaim it. It is the nature of pure joy...

21. Then, coming around full circle, you shall see how to best handle paper money, as you know it now, to increase wealth...

22. And to close this part of this journey, you will be guided into the next empowering steps you may wish to take after you first finish this book...

How to read and understand this book

The way to understand this book is to read it once in its entirety. As you read, you will have many questions, and some things may not make sense to you when you read them. Never mind; just keep going. Further chapters will make clear some things that you may have not understood or found true in earlier chapters. Language is a linear thing, yet wealth consciousness is wholeness, a non-linear whole, and one whereby step one may be connected to step seven and so on. And wealth consciousness is a state of being, while language is a symbol; states have to be experienced and symbols cannot represent experience accurately - they can only show the way, be a guide. So, as you read it you will find many amazing things that make sense right then, but it will only totally make sense when you finish this book and have the whole of it in you. That is when you will start to go ah-ha!

Once you read it fully, read it again slowly. In the second read you will be able to more fully understand things, since you now will have the whole in you. The material you will find in this book contains many layers of understanding. What you understand today will reveal an even deeper hidden truth, application and identification when you read it again tomorrow. Read a small part of this book every day, even after you finish it the first time, and your internalization of wealth and happiness and becoming of wealth and happiness will accelerate.

The other thing you should do is to not only read with your logical mind but to also feel the lessons in this book. Some of the things in this book are logical, but many pertain to a realm where logic cannot fully grasp, yet your Self knows it all and perfectly understands. As you read this book, keep yourself open, feel the essence of what you read. Many things will not make sense to your brain, for it is finite and four-dimensional. Some things are infinite and multidimensional and only your Self will know them because it is multidimensional and infinite in nature. Sometimes you will feel that you understand something at a deeper level, but your mind cannot picture it, yet you understand deeply somewhere. Honor the deeper level, for the mind may never fully grasp it any way. In any case, your mind is a tool, but all you know is in your Self. You are a Self with a mind as a powerful tool, as long as it does not take over you. However, most people have unfortunately identified with the mind and believe they are their mind - and that is where the trouble and limitations start. You shall now go higher than that.

Read this book and take it to heart, live by it. And wealth, affluence and abundance will automatically come to you in ways and amounts you never before imagined possible, by laws that never fail. Carry it around with you where possible. Leave it by your bedside and read it for a few minutes every morning when you get up and at night before you go to sleep. When you are done, start again, a few pages every day. Repetition causes internalization, making it your second nature.

You will understand this book to the extent that you are willing.

Ready? Still interested? Lets begin...

This text was extracted from the book A Happy Pocket Full of Money

Milk Myths Exposed

Milk Myths Exposed

I just read an interesting article. I am realizing that I like blogspot because I can post the interesting things I read and come back and find them easily. Anyways, on with the article.)

(This article can be found here: )

By Consumer Health Advocate, Frank Mangano

Many myths have been circulating regarding the contentment and happiness of dairy cows, which provide the milk so many people drink on a daily basis. First, it is important to note that humans are the only mammals, which continue drinking milk even after the weaning period. Because of this constant need for milk in our diets, dairy cows are the most over worked of all farm animals. Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated each and every year to ensure their milk flow does not stop; with no baby calf to take care of the milk will stop producing.

Scientists and researchers are beginning to think that drinking dairy milk is not only unhealthy but completely unnatural as well. Recent scientific research has linked the consumption of cow’s milk through different diary products to several different levels of threatening conditions. Some of the health problems that have been found to be associated with cow’s milk include acne, runny nose, wheezing, coughing, ear infections, rashes, stomach aches, asthma, eczema, heart disease and diabetes.

With years of reports and beliefs that cow’s milk is the best source of calcium and a healthy beverage that should be consumed on a daily basis, new opinions and studies are beginning to challenge this age old belief. Now is the time to expose the most believed myth regarding milk and milk products; many people believe that the majority of their calcium intake comes from cow’s milk, this is false. Less than half of your calcium intake comes from milk and milk related products as calcium can be found in a number of different foods and beverages today that do not contain milk ingredients.

Almond milk is quickly becoming the natural and healthier alternative to cow’s milk. Almond milk is made from ground almonds and unlike cow’s milk, almond milk contains no cholesterol or lactose and can be used as a substitute in any recipe that calls for cow’s milk. You can find commercial almond milk produced in plain, vanilla and chocolate flavors to allow you to enjoy your new alternative to cow’s milk. Often times the different manufacturers of almond milk include added vitamins to further enrich the health benefits of this dairy alternative.

Your healthiest option here is to make your own almond milk, which is a fairly simple process that requires raw almonds, water, cheesecloth and a blender. Here is a simple 15 minute recipe for almond milk:

* Put one cup of fresh almonds in a glass jar with 4 cups of water.

* Close the jar tightly and place in the refrigerator for no longer then 2 days.

* After the 2 days of refrigeration, pour the jar into a blender and blend it until it's smooth.

* Place a cheesecloth over a large bowl and drain the blend in it squeezing the cloth to strain all the pulp.

* You can then save the pulp for other uses.

* Enjoy your delicious and nutritious almond milk!

You can find the calcium you need through many different foods such as broccoli, sesame seeds, almonds, Brazil nuts, dried figs and sunflower seeds. After reading through this list you may have discovered that your diet already contains many of these foods and therefore your calcium intake is taken care of through other aspects of your diet and cow’s milk is not necessary in this respect.

The more and more cruelties are revealed in regards to dairy cows today, the more people are choosing a natural alternative that requires no animal sacrifices and provides you with a healthier supplement.

More Health Conditions and Topics

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The hard work and persistence that Frank Mangano has invested in recent years is reflected through his writings:

I Can't Believe My Eyes

Special thanks to Henk and Nicholas. ( These guys really post a lot of valuable information. I am very thankful to have discovered them. Here is another very fascinating article about what we see and what we believe.

“I can’t believe my eyes”, people say…

Well, they shouldn’t either. Because you’re eyes don’t actually see.

They’re merely lenses that pass on information to the visual cortex in the brain. And only there do you see.

The location of the visual cortex in your brain, which is what we actually 'see' with.

So you actually see with your brain, not with your eyes. “I saw it with my own brain!” would be a better way to put it. After all, we decode the visible frequencies of light that our eyes pick up into ‘physical reality’. Your eyes don’t send images to your brain of 3D street scenes or whatever we think we see outside of us. They perceive frequencies and then send them to the brain in the form of electrical signals. And your brain decodes those signals into an apparent 3D reality that we think is outside of us.

What we see is ‘light’, as it’s reflected by what’s called ‘luminous matter’. ‘Luminous matter’ reflects electromagnetic light, which your eyes can perceive.

But 95 percent (at least) of the mass in the universe is known as ‘dark matter’ or ‘dark energy’. This ‘stuff’ doesn’t reflect light, and therefore can’t be seen by us humans. However, it can be measured by its effect on the part of the universe that we can ‘see’. That’s how we know it’s there.

But anyway, the only light we can see is the light reflected within the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. And we only see those particular frequencies within that electromagnetic spectrum. And actually, it’s only a fraction of the spectrum that can be accessed by our human vision:

The light we can actually 'see' is only a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the electromagnetic spectrum is only 0.005% of all the mass in the universe.

But there’s even more… The electromagnetic spectrum is only 0.005% of the estimated mass of the universe. And human sight can see only a tiny fraction of these electromagnetic frequencies. So imagine how little of the universe we can actually perceive and decode into ‘physical’ reality!

We’re virtually blind!

The truth is that we only see what the brain tells us to see. And let’s take a quick look at what happens before we actually ‘see’:

- First, light enters the eye by passing through the outer, transparent layer called the ‘cornea’.

- Then it goes on through the pupil, which gets bigger or smaller to allow for more or less light to be let in (depending on the circumstances). This latter process is controlled by the iris (the colored part of the eye).

- Then it goes to the lens to be focused.

- After that, it enters the ‘vitreous humor’, a jelly-like substance behind the lens.

- And then the light (or information) strikes the retina, which ‘captures’ the image like the film in those good old photo cameras. However, this image recorded on the retina is two-dimensional and upside-down!

- The next stop is the optic nerve, which in turn sends the image through the brain to the ‘occipital lobe’. This is where the brain re-assembles the two-dimensional and upside-down image that was delivered by the eyes into the form that we think we are seeing.

So this is really quite a path to travel for what we think is an ‘objective image’ before we actually see it. And what’s even more striking are all the things that happen before we actually ‘see’ the image that we think we see.

After all, what we think is a 3D image that situated outside of us is only constructed when frequencies are recorded as a two-dimensional and upside-down image on the retina. It’s only later (when the info reaches the ‘occitipal lobe’) that it’s constructed into a 3D image. And this construction happens in your brain.

So does the world outside of us really exist in the way we think we see it? But wait… Here’s another thought-provoking realization:

On the way from the eyes to the visual cortex, the temporal lobes edit and reconstruct up to 50% and more of the ‘light’ or ‘information’ that was perceived by the eyes. In his book The Holographic Universe, the late Michael Talbot writes about the work of neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and others [p. 163]:

“Pribram discovered that the visual information a monkey receives via its optic nerves does not travel directly to its visual cortex, but is first filtered through other areas of its brain. Numerous studies have shown that the same is true of human vision. Visual information entering our brains is edited and modified by our temporal lobes before it is passed on to our visual cortices. Some studies suggest that less than 50 percent of what we ‘see’ is actually based on information entering our eyes. The remaining 50 percent plus is pieced together out of our expectation of what the world should look like (and perhaps out of other sources such as reality fields). The eyes may be the visual organs, but it is the brain that sees.”

Wow! And then consider this…

What we don’t ‘see’, we make up. Seriously, we make it up! Here’s how…

Our eyes have a blind spot where the optic nerve connects to the eye in the middle of the retina. We can’t see anything with that part of the eye. However, the brain weaves the picture together from the information available and ‘fills the hole’.

So actually, what we believe we are seeing is what we see. Upon constructing the 3D image that we think we eventually ‘see’, the brain filters and tweaks the information received by filling in holes and matching it to its expectations of what there is to be seen, based on its engrained beliefs. And that latter part makes up for more than 50% of the images we actually ‘see’!

That’s quite something! We also describe this mechanism in our free book on the Premises Of Your Own Power (and if you haven’t read it yet, you can get it for free by subscribing at the right hand side at the top of this page). Here are some excerpts of what we wrote:

“Most people will be familiar with overlooking misspelled words. This is because your eyes, or rather your brain, is so accustomed to reading the words in correct spelling, that it simply overlooks a typo. The typo is filtered out of the image by your brain, which causes you to overlook it and see the correct spelling, which is in line with your expectations. This does not happen all the time, but it does happens sometimes, which illustrates the point to make here. Neurophysiologists like Karl Pribram have long been aware of this fact.


In relation to the example of the misspelled words, your engrained belief system (the correct spelling of the words you see most of the time) caused your brain to filter out the information (the typo) that was at odds with its conditioned worldview (its expectations).”

Here’s another excerpt:

“Likewise, studies have shown that men and women often have trouble communicating accurately with each other, because what one says the other does not hear. Each hears merely whatever supports their belief and prejudice about each other. They pick up only what they want to hear, or what supports their conditioned view of the way things are. This is a psychological phenomenon called ‘selective retention’.”

And here’s a final one:

“The catch is that seeing is not just believing. Apparently, ‘believing is also seeing’. Because the information picked up by your eyes is edited by your brain according to its engrained belief systems, a large proportion of what you actually ‘see’ is determined by what you believe deep inside to be true. You see what you believe. And of course, because you see what you believe, you immediately believe what you see, because it supports your belief systems that determined what you saw in the first place. Thus, what you see reinforces your belief system, which causes you to keep seeing things in the way you believe things to be, which in turn again makes you see things in that way. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle!”

(You can read more details on that in the book on the Premises Of Your Own Power…)

But for now, we’re slowly moving into the point that we want to make…

After all, it’s clear that the beliefs programmed into your brain have a significant effect on the way you perceive ‘reality’… or in fact, on the way you even construct reality and thus what you seem to be ‘attracting’!

The thing is… Your brain is not the center of control that determines what happens and what doesn’t happen.

And that’s good news!

Because it’s still true that you can be the one taking control. You don’t have to be a slave to your body and brain. That is, if you recognize that you are not your body. You need to recognize that you are indeed the essence controlling it and occupying it to allow yourself to experience this ‘3D solid world’.

After all… Consider all this:

There has been this publication of an article in the scientific journal ‘Science’ with the provocative title ‘Is Your Brain Really Necessary’. This article was a reaction to the description of this British neurologist John Lorber of a young man of ‘normal development’, with an IQ of 126, and an academic degree in mathematics.

The funny thing was that a brain scan of this apparently highly intelligent young man showed that he was a pretty hardcore case of what’s known as ‘hydrocephalus’, or ‘water on the brain’.

Put differently, the head of this ‘IQ 126’, ‘academic degree in mathematics’ young man was filled with cerebrospinal fluid for 95%. What this means in layman’s terms is that his skull was like a swimming pool for his brain, which basically drowned in all that fluid.

His cerebral cortex had a gauge of about 1 millimeter, so there was hardly any brain tissue left. The weight of his brain was estimated to about 100 grams, where 1500 grams is normal for an average homo sapiens sapiens. But the workings of his brain were hardly impaired at all!

The following picture comes to mind:

Water On The Head

Maybe we underestimated him…

Anyway, it seems like the brain is not the source of consciousness. And so the good news is that you can exert control over your brain (and thus your perceptions and the way you construct your reality (or what you seem to ‘attract’)) through your own being conscious.

Put differently: You need to wake-the-hell up!

Basically, your body (including your brain) is a vehicle for experience, and you’re in the driver’s seat.

You can take control and manipulate your perceptions, and it has been shown that you (being a conscious essence) can even change your brain (being a part of the ‘space suit’ (your body) you’re wearing in order to be able to experience this ‘physical ‘reality’).

And if you listen closely, you’ll see this is true, and you’ll learn how you can benefit from this…

Science has shown during our lives there’s this ongoing process of adaptation in your brain. This happens because your mental, intellectual, spiritual and physical activities influence both the number as well as the locations of the mutual connections between neurons (brain cells). This process of ongoing adaptation is called ‘neuroplasticity’ or ‘cortical remapping’.

So basically, because of conscious attention, emotions and active thought processes, as well as due to physical activity and movement, the neural networks in your brain change continually. And as such, the electromagnetical activity in your brain changes all the time as well.

In a recent article in the scientific journal called ‘Progress In Neurobiology’ called ‘Mind Does Really Matter’, neuroscientist Mario Beauregard comes to the conclusion that trust and positive expectations are capable of influencing (changing) the parts in the brain that play a significant role in perceiving, movement, pain and a whole bunch of emotional processes.

So your mental processes (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, but most of all your conscious free will) can significantly influence the functioning of your brain on various levels. Your conscious and deliberate manipulation of your thoughts and expectations not only greatly improves your feelings of well-being. It also causes a demonstrable biological change in your brain.

So what to make of all this scientific mumbo-jumbo?

Well, here we go…

By waking-the-hell up from the vicious cycle that you may find yourself in, you can make astonishing changes in your perceived reality.

After all, we’ve seen that you see what you believe. Your brain edits the information it receives based on its engrained belief systems to determine what you see. And then what you see is merely a confirmation of what you already believe.

It’s a self-reinforcing cycle, and it’s vicious as long as it’s based on beliefs of negativity, being powerless, being poor, feeling guilty, and so on…

But by waking-the-hell up, you can consciously change your perceptions. You can consciously cause significant, demonstrable biological changes in your brain.

Your brain will change, and your perceptions will change. And as your perceptions will change, your beliefs will change. And as your beliefs change into knowing that you have full power over your own reality, your perceptions will change accordingly.

It’s still a self-reinforcing cycle, but not a vicious one anymore.Both your conscious and your subconscious mind will change into a state in which you genuinely believe down to the core of your being that you’re the one in control. And you can simply pick your beliefs. Your brain, mind and perceptions of your ‘outside reality’ will follow automatically.

Even if you have water on the head, as you have seen…

So who cares if your brain scan looks like Homer Simpson’s?

It doesn’t matter, because you are not your body. You are a unique representation of all that exists, and you kick ass.

You can choose to make the change. It’s your call. And here’s how you can.

P.S. Watch your e-mail… You can expect to get some more info on how to greatly facilitate and improve this process of changing your brain, beliefs and perceptions without even lifting a finger! We’ll let you know by e-mail…

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The Law of Attraction and the Ultradian Rest Response

Credit for this article goes to Henk and Nicholas with
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Here's the article:

Few things are as important to ‘attraction’ (or rather your act of ‘creation’) as what some scientists call the ‘ultradian rest response’. You may have never heard of this before, but it’s one of the keys to bringing about in your life what you want to see.

You see, there is a great difference between ‘thinking’ and ‘knowing’. Thinking is a purely intellectual activity. It mainly takes place as electrochemical processes in your body and brain.

‘Knowing’ on the other hand, transcends intellect. It is what is often called ‘intuition’. Intuition is often defined as ‘immediate knowing’, without the conscious use of reasoning. There is no sequence of thoughts following up on each other leading to an outcome. It’s just there, instantly. Bang! You suddenly get it.


It appears to be stemming from a whole different source of awareness compared to the ‘rational mind’ or intellect that we tend to use so much in our lives.

In our modern societies, we find ourselves under so much pressure to ignore intuition and to rationalize everything that happens. We’d rather go with our ‘heads’ than go with our ‘hearts’. We learn that from an early age in our education system, which puts the main focus on the left part of the brain, the intellectual and analytical part.

As a consequence, if you’re like most people, you tend to ‘overrationalize’ everything. You regularly get the feeling that you want to do something, and it really makes your heart sing. But then your intellect rears its ugly head, and suppresses the ‘intuitive knowing’ you just experienced by using the limiting thoughts and emotions that have been dominating your being and thinking for long. You start to think and feel things like:

“Oh dear, who am I to think I can do that?”

“Oh my, what will my mother say?”

“Goodness, what will the boys at the bar think if I do that?”

“Dear me, my parents will get angry for not doing something with my education…”

“That can’t be right. Scientists say that this is not true. Who am I to think otherwise?”

Thoughts like this have ruled most people for all their lives and forced them into submission. The repetition that has been going on for years has created ‘habits’ to go with the ‘head’ all the time instead of the ‘heart’. The moment you have intuitive knowing and your heart starts to sing, you immediately begin to doubt it and you’re pulled back into line.

“I can’t do that, it’s not responsible. What about my job?”

“I’d love to do this, but…”

“If I could ever do this… Nah, I can’t do that. I must have gone mad.”

“What will the neighbours think?”

You’re systematically pulled in line, back to the image of artificially imposed norms of what ’society’ or others think you are supposed to be. It is ignoring the deepest core of yourself, and the intelligence of the magnitude that you are deep inside.

When you look at it this way, it’s not a surprise that your intuition is often at odds with what you think. The intuitive knowing stems from a source that has a much greater overview, the bigger picture. It sees what the ‘knowing’ and associated action will lead to. The rational intellect always has a limited perspective that is quite likely even coloured by societal and religious ‘norms’, or ‘bad memories’ of certain events, which itself are often limited interpretations of what were actually stepping stones into a whole new reality.

Ernest Rossi, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned psychotherapist, teacher, and pioneer in the field of mind/body healing. In his book The Psychobiology of Mind/Body Healing, he describes how during an ultradian rest response your body goes into a mode that makes you more receptive to the unconscious parts of your being:

“This is the time when it is easiest to access our own intuition, your own internal imagery. Thoughts are most likely to be closer to the unconscious. This is a time when the unconscious wants all the energy it can get. If you train yourself to just watch and observe and not intrude, you are going to fall into what is called ‘reverie’ or ‘hypnagogic state’, what I call its more naturally intuitive state.”

So when do you ‘know’ instead of just ‘think’? How can you distinguish?

Well, it’s largely a feeling, but Dr. Laurie Nadel gives you some hints in her book Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power:

“Do you find yourself losing concentration during certain times of the day? Perhaps it comes as a sudden touch of fatigue, or a subtle mental fuzziness. All of a sudden, you feel droopy. Your eyes may tear. You can’t stop yawning, or you sigh. Maybe you find yourself staring out the window, your mind far away from the tasks at hand. If somebody speaks to you, you find yourself startled by the sound of his voice. Or you don’t understand what was said the first time and ask the speaker to repeat himself.”

According to Dr. Nadel, these are signs that your body is entering the ultradian rest response. At times that this occurs, your body is most attuned to your intuition, as the four main regulatory systems of your body (endocrine system, autonomic nervous system, immune system and neuropeptides in your brain) align to the unconscious, greater levels of yourself.

The clearest memory that comes to mind of experiencing an ultradian rest response myself was during a final math exam back in high school. I had trouble with one of the questions and finally drooped away. It was like I temporarily switched to the realms of ‘no-time’, staring out of the window without being conscious of what was happening around me. Then suddenly some kind of realization kicked in, and I suddenly knew how to get on my way of solving the question that I didn’t seem to understand at first.

This is not something uncommon. Everyone experiences this all the time, probably daily. The trick is to recognize it. Even some of the greatest minds in modern history accepted the importance of intuition:

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” — Albert Einstein

“It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition that we discover.” – Henri Poincar (one of France’s greatest mathematicians and theoretical physicists)

According to Dr. Nagel, ignoring the signals of the ultradian rest response or trying to suppress them can cause you to become irritable, uncomfortable, and even depressed. However, she emphasizes that if you allow them and flow with them, they can be moments of great inspiration. Here’s what she says:

“This is the best time to take a break rather than forcing yourself to push through the fatigue. You can think of it as your intuition break, time to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and allow impressions from your intuitive right hemisphere [right brain] to flow through your mind. You are working on a project and would like help from your intuition, this is the time to ask for it. It is also a good time to meditate.”

Meditation is not a must. All you need to do is trust your intuition and listen to your inspirations. True enough, you are blessed with an intellectual mind too. But it shouldn’t dominate your intuitive knowing and suppress it.

The thing is that ‘attraction’ doesn’t happen like things just falling out of the sky right on your lap. It often works through inspirations to do something or go somewhere. Your inspirations and hunches point you towards things you can do to bring about the changes in your life that you desire.

Ignore them, and you won’t ‘attract’ what you want. But follow along with them, and magic happens.

And finally, always realize this ‘intuitive knowing’ can be unique to the knower, which is you. What may feel good for you, doesn’t have to feel good for others. Everyone is unique. You will be inspired to do something that is best for you, and that matches what you want. That can be totally different from anyone else. Besides, not everyone wants the same thing, at least if everyone would follow their true ‘wants’, not the ‘wants’ imposed by the image of what others think you should want.

No one should judge or ridicule what another feels is good for him or her, as long as the person never seeks to impose anything on anyone else. That is the freedom of life we need, that will change everyone’s life radically, and the whole world with it.

Gotta go now. I feel an ultradian rest response coming in…

To learn more about how to really get results from the Law of Attraction, go to

Struggling to Manifest You Desires?

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(I subscribe to a bunch of really interesting email lists as anyone who knows me will find out. I only post the most interesting of articles because honestly, I know your time and my time is valuable. I have a tendency to be super chatty and ramble, so i try very hard to narrow it down and post the most helpful articles for those curious in the same fields of knowledge as myself.)

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Adapted from the book, Good Money, The Energy Flow Advantage. (This book is no longer available for purchase, but is included for FREE_with the upcoming PushButton Manifesting program by Michael Campbell and Sean Collins.)

Struggling to manifest?
Here’s how to end the struggle
and start making miracles.

Do you use a television or stereo that has a remote control?

Aren’t those amazing? You aim a little 5-ounce piece of plastic across the room and press a little button and — BLIP — the sounds and sights of the whole world are right in front of you on the television set.

It’s kind of magical.

Now let me ask you something.

What would happen if you took the little door off the back of the remote control, and turned the battery around so that the little “+” and the little “-” are reversed, and THEN tried to turn on the television or stereo?

What would happen?

Right! Nothing!

How come? Because the battery doesn’t do any good when it’s in backwards! The positive (+) and negative (-) poles need to be lined up the right way.

The TV is still a working TV, and there is nothing wrong with the remote control - there is really nothing wrong with the battery either! - But having a backwards battery stops EVERYTHING from working.

But wait a second: what if you REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to turn the TV on with the remote control (even though the battery was in backwards), and THEN aimed the remote at the TV, would it work?


But what if you were a REALLY good person, and wrote a bunch of affirmations that you deserve to have the TV on, would it THEN work, even with the battery in backwards?


What if you asked a friend to try the remote control, somebody REALLY smart, or highly evolved, saintly, someone who REALLY deserved to have the TV on. Would it work for THEM?


Not until you fix the little battery that’s in backwards. NOTHING will work until the battery is turned around.

Well here is some news for you.

Your body is the SAME way!

Did you ever WANT to manifest a result, but couldn’t muster the “willpower” to make it happen?

Did you ever want to reduce your weight, but “something” sabotaged it?

Did you ever “mean to” get started with an investment program, but didn’t?

Did you ever “mean to” stop doing some habit, but then something stopped you and you had no idea what it was?

Ever have a feeling like you are running after a goal (a money goal or any other) with big bricks in your pocket?

Your “battery” is probably running backwards.

When your battery is running backwards, you don’t do what you need to do. You might KNOW in your head what needs doing, but then you don’t do it.

Or, mysteriously, the things that ought to work don’t work. (How come some people can “Feng Shui” their home and get miracles, and other people don’t? Why do some people find their “creative visualization” works REALLY well, while other people get zero results?)

When I say, “your battery is running backwards” I am referring to the flow of energy in your body. You might think I am using this as a metaphor, but actually there are flows of energy in your body.

Chinese medicine has this well mapped out in acupuncture. (Not just in China, either…ancient finds in Europe show evidence that the SAME flows of energy in the human body were mapped identically even EARLIER than in China!)

Your body is, if you think about it, really like a giant remote control device, aimed at the universe.

The channel you see (the world your senses perceive, in other words) will not change UNLESS you change the channel.

But you can’t change that channel until you turn your battery around.

Here’s one way to do exactly that…

WARNING: Do this process even if you think you don’t have to. (Especially if you think you don’t have to.) If your batteries are NOT running backwards and you don’t need this process, doing it won’t hurt you. On the other hand, if your batteries ARE running backwards, YOUR MIND WILL TRY TO TALK YOU OUT OF DOING THIS.

DO the process anyway.

If you have read other books on manifesting or prosperity-thinking, or bought audios or videos or CD-ROMs, attended “must-see” seminars or hired a personal success coach, and STILL don’t have the abundance you want, then your batteries are REALLY running backward, and you need to do this process.

Super Simple Technique:

Before We Begin: Identify ONE SPECIFIC thing that you feel blocked about. It’s okay and natural to have more than one. But just pick ONE for now. Let’s call this “X”

Step One: Find the following part of your hand. (Either hand will do.) It’s called The “Karate Chop” point because it’s approximately the place that you hit when you make a “karate chop” strike with your hand.

Spot to Tap

Step Two: Tap the karate chop point with two fingers from your other hand. (About as hard as you’d tap a salt shaker that has salt stuck inside and on the bottom.) Or, alternatively, bump the two karate chop points into each other, as if hitting one karate chop point with the other karate chop point.

Step Three: While tapping that point (or bumping both of those points together), say outloud, “Even though I want ____”X”_____, I now deeply and profoundly accept myself.”

Step Four: Do this a couple of times a day and/or just before doing ANY manifesting technique, such as visualization, affirmations or electric manifesting!

The following can be found here:

The Truth About Time: It Does NOT Exist

Thank you(R)evolutionScape for another awesome bulletin. I suscribe to their e-mail list and get a lot of interesting information often. I wanted to share this info with you guys.

The Truth About Time: It does not exist except as you say it does

Time is a funny thing. A very funny thing. The biggest trick time ever played on us was to make us think it was real, and that we were under its full control. Yet, time is a complete illusion, a strong and persistent illusion.

What wonderful news that is! Time is an illusion created by you. Once you understand how this illusion is created by you, you then begin to re-create it as you wish, consciously and deliberately instead of unconsciously and accidentally as you may have been doing.

What is time? What do I have to do with time? How should I think and be about time so that I may experience wealth and other things in larger quantities faster? This chapter will begin to answer these questions. In other chapters in this book, these concepts will become more real to you.

The only time that truly exists is Now...

The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent - Albert Einstein


Whether time is long or short, and whether space is broad or narrow, depend upon the mind. Those whose minds are at leisure can feel one day as a millennium, and those whose thoughts are expansive can perceive a small house to be as spacious as the universe. - Hung Tzu-ch'eng


Time flows in all directions, not forwards only as it appears to. The past, present and future exist simultaneously.


Here is an easy explanation of what time is. This is an extremely simplified explanation but it will do for now. Imagine a football or soccer field with 10 objects spread around it. Now, imagine that a certain object A represents a child being born and a certain object B represents being a 10 year old child. If object A was to travel to object B, that travel would take what you now call '10 years of time'. That is 10 human years of a child growing up. Now, it gets a little complex: What if that football field was to shrink? Object A would reach B and pass through all the experiences of 10 years of childhood, but the sensation of time would change. In other words, 10 years would feel very different. If that field shrunk enough, ten years could feel like an instant. And you have experienced this often. When you are having a great time, you feel as if time flew by. You did not notice the hours pass; yet your watch said they passed, because your watch is designed to take the same amount of 'time' to move from one second marker on the clock face to the next. But you are not designed that way. Time is the moving of your consciousness past pre-existing events in the space-time continuum. You will soon see what this is.

The field of life that we live in is not static - it keeps changing its dimensions. That is why we have to keep readjusting our watches worldwide all the time for this crazy thing called time to make sense for us - but only because we think of time as consistent slices of periods. It is not. It is merely our misinterpretation of our consciousness moving by one pre-existing event in the filed of Life to the next event, as you shall soon see. The field of life is not static, nor does our consciousness move at a fixed speed. The field may not change that fast for us, and our consciousness may not change its rate that fast unless we will it to do so, and that is why we do not usually notice these differences that much and see that time is not constant.

But if you were to travel very fast in a spaceship, as you may well have heard from Einstein's Theory of Relativity, you can slow down time or even go back in time. Time is more of a sensation of passing events and the faster or slower you pass these events, the faster or slower the calibration of time changes. It is not the taking of time that changes; it is the calibration of time (one minute no longer takes one minute).

Ok, back to the soccer field. Imagine you were one of the objects. You would feel time as you move around the field passing other objects that you see, isn't it? Yes. Now, imagine if you were born moving faster, say three times the speed. Time would seem shorter. Now, imagine you were the soccer field itself! Or even an object large enough to cover the whole field. Now we are talking! Time would cease to exist for you. Because you are the field and you can feel, touch, and be with all the objects on you at the same time always, there would be no travel from one object to another. It would all be happening Here, Now. All of it. All the 10 objects would be happening at the same 'time' for you, always. This is the eternal moment of Now, Here. Everything that can possibly happen in the universe, everything that can possibly be created, the past, present and future, are all running all at the same 'time' in one huge field. Your consciousness and awareness are awake to only a small section of this field at any one 'time' and as you move them about from one point to another, you experience 'time', experiencing a sensation of past, present, and future. The field itself does not experience time; it only experiences an eternal process that is always happening all at one go, Now, Here, Always, All Ways. You can think of the whole field as The Source.

As you expend your consciousness and awareness, as you take up more and more of the field, and time shrinks for you. Can you see that? Now the amazing thing is that, the mind and the Self (or soul or spirit, whichever you are used to referring to) is a lot larger than your physical body. We are used to thinking of the soul or Self as a little thing contained inside our body. That is just human thinking - relating things to containers. Have you ever considered that the soul, being far more powerful than the body, actually holds the body together and surrounds it? And the mind holds the brain and nervous system together and surrounds it? If you have considered that the soul and mind are larger than the body and brain, have you ever considered where they end? How many feet away from your body? Or is it how many miles away? Or how many light years away from your body does your soul end? It is not impossible that your Soul and Mind are a billion times larger than your body (why not?). They are infinite and eternal.

Yet, this humongous powerful Self is you. Anyway, let us get back to wealth. Understanding time clearly, how it works and how to take control of it, and understanding your Self and your Self's composition and relation with everything else physical and non-physical, is of high importance if you wish to experience massive wealth 'fast'. It is all a matter of expanded consciousness, right state and right thought and choice. These lead to your consciousness becoming awake to wealthy parts of the whole and doing so in wider circles.


Now is the only moment that exists. An eternal moment of Now is all there is. You can remember the past and dream the future but you can only be, exist, Here, Now. Make an irrevocable commitment to yourself to make Now the best moment of your life ever!


Do not dwell in the past, or live in the future. Your only moment is Now. Dwell in Now.


As you will soon see, your outer world mirrors your inner world. You will see in this book how this is so.

Do you feel as if you do not have enough time to do what you wish to do? People short of time on the outside are short of it on the inside. They act, think, and speak believing they are short of time. Stop thinking and saying you do not have enough time. Do not believe that for a second. The universe has no shortages of anything including time, and neither do you, except for the ones that you build for yourself. Believing in any sort of shortage makes your consciousness smaller and slower so that you may experience what you believe in.


The present moment is the greatest gift you can have. It is perfectly created for you according to your stated designs. You state these designs by the thoughts, states of being, words, and actions that you held most true to yourself earlier. The present is something that you send yourself, a perfectly pre-sent moment. It allows you to experience, taste, review, and change your past thoughts, states of being, words and actions. Be grateful for the present, for you know you can change it, for it allows you to experience your Self, for its entire existence is to serve you. Cursing, condemning and judging the present moment will only keep it as it is longer. What you resist, judge, and condemn persists. What you embrace and bring to the light for non-judgmental, honest and clear examination reveals the lessons you are looking for, the key to the next level that you seek.


Time is only an illusion produced by the succession of our states of consciousness as we travel through eternal duration, and it does not exist where no consciousness exists in which the illusion can be produced; but 'lies asleep.' - H. P. Blavatsky


The future influences the present just as much as the past. - Nietzsche


The first time you do something is a journey of discovery. You take in the details and learn many new things. At this point, there are no labels and memories to enable you to pre-judge the new experience. Learning is at its highest. The hundredth time you do it is often very different. For most people, repetition brings about unconsciousness. Most people do and see the things that occur most often in their lives in an unconscious and unaware state. Because they have seen or done something once, they turn to relying on their memories of it and labels about it that they built in their minds the first time. Learning and discovery drops to zero. Memories of the past experiences take over. What good does it serve you to live today based on your memory of it yesterday? You miss the gift of the present moment totally! In your business or work, do you take an absolutely fresh look at your work, workmates and customers each new day, or do you go by how you 'know' them in their past?

Everything changes, and using memory keeps you from seeing that change, seeing things as they truly are. Try to 'forget' everything about what you are looking at, and you will discover a whole new world, and you will grow a whole lot faster, grow your wealth and self a whole lot quicker.

Think about it. It is quite often that a stranger will complement your work mate or spouse over something that you totally miss every day because you do not look at them as if they were totally new to you. Memory has its place, but many people overuse it, often in an unbeneficial way.

Decide right now to face every experience anew by choosing to forget that you have ever faced it before. Decide not to anticipate a specific appearance or behavior, an anticipation based on your memory and emotions. Practice detachment of outcome, but have certainty of your choices and intention, and you will find a world that has been hiding from you all along, right in front of your eyes all along.


This text was extracted from the book A Happy Pocket Full of Money
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tell BLM no more public lands for the world's dirtiest fossil fuel!


Did you know that Bush-era environmental policies are still on the books, jeopardizing our natural places?

Because of a rule issued by the Bush Administration, the Bureau of Land Management is poised to lease millions of acres of public land in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming to develop oil shale – the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world.

Please let the Bureau of Land Management know that you want public lands protected from oil shale development.

Oil shale development is not environmentally sound, nor is it economically viable. If it moves forward now, we don't know if we'll get usable energy sources – but we do know that we'll end up with polluted air, wild lands that are carved up by roads and transmission lines, and depleted water resources in these already arid Western States.

Email the Bureau of Land Management today and urge them to protect our public lands from oil shale development.

Here is the web page:

Its free and its easy!

Thanks for your help!

Liz Blackstone

Aspartame reply to Joel with

I subscribe to Joel with because he has posted some good workout ideas and other helpful information. However, after hearing his view point stating aspartame being safe, I had to disagree. So this is my reply to his post.

Originally I was not going to comment. As a mother of a 6 year old, and I also work a full time job. I understand how busy life can be and I figured most people didn’t have the time to research the subject for themselves. Luckily, I save almost every article I really enjoy along with their web pages. So I decided to do my best to present some of the research I have found.

Growing up I never used diet products. Then I had my son and I gained over 65 pounds. I was desperate and wanted to lose the weight. I heard of diet products and figured less calories had to be better right? So I started drinking diet sodas and diet foods. At first I didn't realize much, I had slight head aches but I didn't associate that with the Splenda. Then the headaches turned to migraines. I never had migraines growing up. That was a new experience for me and let me tell you those migraines really hurt. After speaking with a friend who is a doctor he asked if there was anything new I had been doing and I at first thought, no. But as he went on he told me it could be after prolonged use of something and I thought about how I recently (just under a year) started with the diet drinks. I mentioned it and he told me the same thing Jane (post a couple above this) said. He told me the negative effects had been known since the year after its’ release on the market. He told me to use my common sense and stop ingesting those products to see what would happen.

I stopped taking diet drinks and foods and the headaches subsided. I guess it could be coincidence but after more research online I heard a lot of interesting things that doctors, human rights activists and regular people like you and me were saying. I was surprised at was the amount of people (especially the doctors) who are concerned because of this substance.

I was curious as to what exactly aspartame was made of and found interesting information. I do hope that the following information provides more avenues for your research on the subject.

I attempted writing before, but due to copy right laws I could not copy information from other sites. However I am allowed to paste the link of where interesting content is found and can give a summary of some of the things you will find inside those links. I will do my best to pass along information while not plagiarizing the web pages and inserting the links that go with the corresponding web site so you can check out the pages for yourself.

The first site I would like to share explains how sucralose is made. Sucralose is comes from sucrose. But did you know the process to change sucrose to sucralose involves chemically changing the structure of the sugar molecules through a process where the sugar is chlorinated? What they do is take 3 hydroxyl atoms from the sugar and substitute them with 3 chlorine atoms.

This web site talks about many other issues such as the origin of sucralose and how Tate & Lyle arranged with Johnson & Johnson in 1980 to develop sucralose. Then Johnson & Johnson formed McNeil Speciality Products Company in 1980 to commercialize sucralose. Sucralose is not yet approved for use in most European countries, where it is still under review.

Here is the web site where this and more information can be found.

This web site lists its resources so I would like to add them here:

Food and Drug Administration "Final Rule " for Sucralose, 21 CFR Part 172, Docket No. 87F-0086.
Lord GH, Newberne PM. Renal mineralization--a ubiquitous lesion in chronic rat studies. Food Chem Toxicol 1990 Jun;28:449-55.
Labare MP, Alexander M. Microbial cometabolism of sucralose, a chlorinated disaccharide, in environmental samples. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 1994 Oct;42:173-8.
Hunter BT. Sucralose. Consumers' Research Magazine, Oct90, Vol. 73 Issue 10, p8, 2p.
Maudlin RK. FDA approves sucralose for expanded use. Modern Medicine, Oct99, Vol. 67 Issue 10, p57, 1/9p
Sucralose--a new artificial sweetener. Medical Letter on Drugs & Therapeutics, 07/03/98, Vol. 40, Issue 1030, p67, 2p.
Q&A: Is newly FDA approved sweetener sucralose good for you? Executive Health's Good Health Report, Nov98, Vol. 35 Issue 2, p6, 1p, 1c.
Gain B. FDA approves J&J Sweetener. Chemical Week, 04/15/98, Vol. 160 Issue 14, p27, 1/4p.
Sucralose Toxicity Information Center
Splenda Product Web Site
Official Tate & Lyle Sucralose Web Site
Endurance News, Issue 26.

The next bit of info address aspartame. This information is from the National Institute of Science, Law, and Public Policy.

There is a LOT of interesting information on this site. Did you know there were other studies that were not just performed on mice, but on child size monkeys? 7 monkeys were fed milk with aspartame; one died and 5 had 'grand mal' seizures.

This site also goes into detail about how people who saw the negative effects of aspartame started taking this issue publicly as early as the late 1960's.

Dr. Olney in 60's publicly announced that aspartame caused a loss of neurons, and was responsible for stunted and retarded growth of the pituitary glands, testes and ovaries in the animals. Dr. Olney is a conservative scientist, and yet he is adamant and says, "there is no margin of safety for aspartame in a child's diet."

Olney was worried because aspartame had very similar properties to glutamate (an ingredient of monosodium glutamate) and in his groundbreaking research with glutamate he had shown that it caused brain lesions in baby rats.

Turner and Olney decided to fight aspartame's approval. Representing a Washington, D.C. public interest group, The Consumer Nutrition Institute (CNI), Turner and Olney filed formal objections with the FDA They challenged the validity of some of the key aspartame safety tests which Searle submitted to the FDA, They presented animal studies by Olney and others that showed evidence that aspartame causes brain damage, brain tumors, seizures and changes in brain chemistry. Turner and Olney were especially concerned about the new sweetener's potential effects on pregnant women and young children.

In April 1975, the FDA set up a hearing, a Public Board of Inquiry (PBOI), to review the objections to aspartame. While preparing for the PBOI. Dr. Olney examined the FDA files which contained Searle's "Safety Data Studies." What Olney discovered buried in those files would obsess him for years to come He was shocked when he found results of aspartame feeding experiments conducted by Searle which showed an unusually high incidence;' of brain tumors in rats that ingested the sweetener and no rumors in the control rats.

They suggest for further information to read Mullarkey’s book, Bittersweet Aspartame, A Diet Delusion.

They offer a lot more information on their web site including some side effects of aspartame.

Their address and web pages you can find this information are as followed:

National Institute of Science, Law, and Public Policy.
1400 16th Street, NW, Suite 101, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 462-8800 Fax: (202) 265-6564

There is a little bit more information I would like to share.

Aspartame was not approved until 1981, in dry foods. For over eight years, the FDA refused to approve it because of the seizures and brain tumors this drug produced in lab animals. The FDA continued to refuse to approve it until President Reagan took office (a friend of Searle) and fired the FDA Commissioner who wouldn’t approve it. Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes was appointed as commissioner. Even then, there was so much opposition to approval, that a Board of Inquiry was set up. The Board said: “Do not approve aspartame.” Dr. Hayes OVERRULED his own Board of Inquiry.

In February of 1994, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released the listing of adverse reactions reported to the FDA (DHHS 1994). Aspartame accounted for more than 75% of all adverse reactions reported to the FDA’s Adverse Reaction Monitoring System (ARMS).

The following information can be found inside

They encourage anyone who has experience adverse affects of aspartame, to fill an aspartame reaction form and fax it. The office addresses for this company is as follows:

Food and Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, Maryland 20857

Mrs. Betty Martini
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
Internet E-mail:

If you are further interested and would like more places to research check out these links:
• Front door to everything!
• Mission Possible Files
• Links to more sites/source information
• More in-depth Information
• More good articles

Links for books:
• DORway Amazon Bookshelf

I sincerely hope this gives the reader a greater understanding of the ramifications of sugar free products.

I also hope the reader finds that there are many more books and websites that they can research for themselves to see the bigger picture.

Best wishes to everyone,
Liz Blackstone

Friday, May 8, 2009

CA Gov. "Its time to debate legalizing marijuana." & Mexican Congress Passes... read for more

We are witnessing a lot of change that many thought would be impossible to see in our life time- if they thought it could happen at all! Every week I hear more and more about this subject and the positive implications. Please read and share what you head lines interest you the most. This is a very exciting period in history.

1. California: Governor Says It's Time To Debate Legalizing Marijuana

2. Mexican Congress Passes Drug Decriminalization Measure

3. Maine: Lawmakers Expand Marijuana Decriminalization Law

4. PA: Bill In State House Would Make Marijuana Legal For Medical Use

5. NH House creates team to work out pot bill

6. Conservative Poll Shows 52% of Americans Say Legalize Marijuana

1. California: Governor Says It's Time To Debate Legalizing Marijuana

Sacramento, CA: Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced this week that he believes that California legislators ought to publicly debate the merits of taxing and regulating the production and sale of cannabis for adults.

"I think it's time for a debate (regarding taxing and regulating the sale of cannabis for adults)," Schwarzenegger said. (*Note: his comments come at the very end of the video.) "I think all of those ideas of creating extra revenues, I'm always for an open debate on it. And I think we ought to study very carefully what other countries are doing that have legalized marijuana and other drugs, what effect did it have on those countries? ... It could very well be that everyone is happy with that decision and then we could look at that."

The Governor's remarks came less than one week after a Field Research Corporation poll of 901 registered voters reported that 56 percent of Californians agree with the statement: "Legalize marijuana for recreational use and tax its proceeds."

A separate Zogby poll of approximately 4,000 voters released this week indicates that just over half of Americans nationally support legalizing marijuana.

Current estimates indicate that California's budget deficit will grow to $28 billion by the end of the 2009/2010 state budget year.

In February, California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced legislation — Assembly Bill 390: The Marijuana Control, Regulation and Education Act — to tax the commercial production and retail sale of cannabis.

A fiscal analysis of this proposal by the State Board of Equalization estimates that AB 390 could raise more than $1.3 billion yearly in tax revenue for the state of California.

Last week Oakland City Council members approved a 1.8 percent tax on medicinal marijuana sold by the city's four licensed dispensaries. Lawmakers believe that the tax could generate between $400,000 and $1 million annually for the city.

The citywide measure will be decided upon by voters on July 21, 2009.
For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Deputy Director, at (202) 483-5500 or Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director, at: ________________________________________________________

2. Mexican Congress Passes Drug Decriminalization Measure

Mexico City, Mexico: Mexican lawmakers enacted legislation last week to decriminalize the possession of small quantities of controlled substances. The measure now goes to Mexican President Felipe Calderon for his approval.

As passed, the proposal would eliminate criminal penalties for the personal possession of up to five grams of marijuana, as well as minor quantities of other drugs.

The legislation also authorizes state and local police to enforce drug trafficking laws. Under current law, only federal police (about five percent of Mexico's law enforcement personnel) may arrest individuals suspected of selling drugs.

In 2006, Mexico's Congress passed a virtually identical measure, only to have it vetoed by former President Vincente Fox, who stated, "Congress ... [needs] ... to make it absolutely clear in our country [that] the possession of drugs and their consumption [is], and will continue to be, a criminal offense." Fox's veto came after political pressure from members of the US State Department who warned that enacting such a law could promote so-called "drug tourism."

Last month, Mexico's ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan told CBS's Face the Nation that legalizing marijuana could potentially quell ongoing border violence. "This (legalization) is a debate that needs to be taken seriously – that we have to engage in on both sides of the border," he said.

However after meeting with Calderon days later, United States government officials said that the option of the US liberalizing its pot laws is "not on the table." The White House instead proposed increased efforts to curb domestic drug demand, and also called for expanding the use of 'drug courts' and coerced drug treatment.

According to the Associated Press, Mexican drug cartels now derive an estimated 60 percent of their income from illicit pot sales.

For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director, at (202) 483-5500.

3. Maine: Lawmakers Expand Marijuana Decriminalization Law

Augusta, ME: Democrat Gov. John Baldacci signed legislation on Friday expanding the state's longstanding marijuana 'decriminalization' law.

Under current law, possession of up to 1.25 ounces of marijuana is treated as an infraction, punishable by a fine of no more than $600. Defendants who possess greater amounts are presumed to be engaging in the sale of cannabis and face criminal penalties and potential jail time.

The newly approved legislation (LD 250) states that the possession of over 1.25 ounces but less than 2.5 ounces of marijuana will also be defined as a civil offense, punishable by a fine of $700 to $1,000 dollars. (Civil fines for the possession of less than 1.25 ounces of marijuana will remain the same.) The new law also removes the inference that the possession of quantities of marijuana above 1.25 ounces but less than 2.5 ounces is presumed to be for sale.

"Maine's new law will save prosecutorial resources and it makes common sense," NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre said. "It is expensive and illogical to presume that minor marijuana offenders are criminal traffickers. Kudos to the Maine legislature and to the Governor for supporting this effort to revise the state's longstanding cannabis decriminalization law."
The new law takes effect 90 days following adjournment of the state legislature.

To date, 13 states – including Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Ohio – have enacted versions of marijuana decriminalization, replacing criminal penalties and jail time for the personal possession of cannabis with the imposition of nominal fines. Only one state, Ohio, treats the possession of more than 2.5 ounces of cannabis as a fine-only (no jail) offense.

For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director, at, (202) 483-5500.

4. PA: Bill In State House Would Make Marijuana Legal For Medical Use

Bill Waschko reached to the shelf of vintage medicine bottles at his family’s century-old drug store in Hazleton and pulled down one labeled “Cannabis.”

The powdered extract of marijuana was bottled by Eli Lilly and Co., but although the bottle is empty and the label has no date, marijuana was a legal drug around the country until 1937.

A bill in the state House of Representatives would make marijuana legal again for medical uses, emulating action already taken in 13 states and also proposed in New York and New Jersey.

The Pennsylvania bill, sponsored by Reps. Phyllis Mundy, D-Kingston, and Mark Cohen, D-Philadelphia, would set up compassion centers for growing and distributing marijuana to patients who had registered identification cards. Physicians would give written statements to patients whom they believe would benefit medically from using marijuana, but they would not write prescriptions, which could subject them to federal prosecution.

They would have a (marijuana) clinic like a methadone clinic,” suggested George Waschko, Bill’s brother and the pharmacist at Waschko’s Pharmacy.

George Waschko said the possible medical uses of marijuana include treating glaucoma and nausea caused by chemotherapy given to cancer patients.

The bill also lists marijuana as a treatment for wasting due to AIDS and for chronic pain, seizures and Crohn’s disease.

Tom Dougherty, a pharmacist at Valley Pharmacy in Sugarloaf, remembers marijuana was in the dispensary at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia while he was a student.
“It sat there. We had to count it every month. We never used it,” Dougherty said.

Dougherty wonders whether there is a great medical need for marijuana or whether it would be “an orphan drug where you have six patients who need it in Pennsylvania.”

The Medical Board of California, which in 1996 became the first state to re-legalize marijuana, issued a statement in 2004 calling medical marijuana an emerging treatment.

Ed Pane, director of Serento Gardens Alcoholism and Drug Services in Hazleton, supports the use of marijuana for medical purposes only and said numerous patients might benefit from it.

He said marijuana can reduce vomiting in chemotherapy patients, and treat migraines and the spasms of multiple sclerosis, “which can be extremely painful.”

Three hundred thousand Americans have multiple sclerosis, and 1.25 million people are diagnosed yearly with cancer, Pane wrote in a paper this fall for a class he is taking while earning a master’s degree.

Marijuana “helps individuals to put on weight and handle food and cuts down on the need for pain medication by enhancing what the person is taking. It doesn’t make the medication stronger to the point of overdose, but makes it more effective,” Pane said in an interview Friday.

While 32,000 people die yearly from prescription medicines, including overdoses and allergic reactions, no one ever has died from an overdose of marijuana, he said.

States can make money by taxing medical marijuana and save the expenses of prosecuting patients who use marijuana, but Pane still wants Pennsylvania to prohibit abuse of the drug.

“Street dealing under any guise needs to be illegal,” he said. “From my standpoint, it breaks my heart when I see kids using it. They’re not going to grow up emotionally. It becomes a means of handling problems.

5. NH House creates team to work out pot bill

CONCORD – House supporters of legalizing medical marijuana for chronic or terminally ill patients slowed their campaign Wednesday after fearing Gov. John Lynch would veto the bill (HB 648) as the state Senate had passed it.

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to create a team of legislative negotiators to try and work out differences between the two branches.

State Rep. Cindy Rosenwald, D-Nashua, said there's broad agreement among House and Senate supporters.

The goal of the working group, she said, would be to try and address eight specific problems Lynch and his staff identified during private meetings with House supporters earlier this week.

Full story and Bill No. HB 648 at a glance here:

6. Conservative Poll Shows 52% of Americans Say Legalize Marijuana

WASHINGTON D.C. - A new Zogby poll commissioned by the conservative-leaning O'Leary Report has found 52 percent voter support for treating marijuana as a legal, taxed, regulated substance. The survey, published as a full-page ad in today's issue of the political newspaper The Hill, polled a sample of 3,937 voters weighted to match the 2008 presidential outcome -- 54 percent Obama voters and 46 percent McCain supporters.

"This new survey continues the recent trend of strong and growing support for taxing and regulating marijuana and ending the disastrously failed policy of prohibition," said Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, D.C.

Voters were asked: "Scarce law enforcement and prison resources, a desire to neutralize drug cartels and the need for new sources of revenue have resurrected the topic of legalizing marijuana. Proponents say it makes sense to tax and regulate the drug while opponents say that legalization would lead marijuana users to use other illegal drugs. Would you favor or oppose the government's effort to legalize marijuana?"

The results showed a decisive majority of 52 percent in favor with 37 percent opposed and 11 percent not sure -- slightly higher than the 46 percent support reported in an ABC News/Washington Post poll released at the end of April.

In California, the respected Field poll recently found 56 percent support for making marijuana a taxed, regulated product that is legal for adults.

"Voters are coming to realize that marijuana prohibition gives us the worst of all possible worlds -- a drug that's widely available but totally unregulated, whose producers and sellers pay no taxes but whose profits often support murderous drug cartels," Kampia said.
"The public is way ahead of the politicians on this."

With more than 27,000 members and 100,000 e-mail subscribers nationwide, the Marijuana Policy Project is the largest marijuana policy reform organization in the United States. MPP believes that the best way to minimize the harm associated with marijuana is to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.